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A marionette is distinguished property and should be handled as such. I would never oftentimes damage any of my gimps. It would be pointless to afflict something you absorb and value. A bruised sub cannot work effectively for you. As my property she is an asset. If l did become relentlessly displeased or bored with a particular gimp I would not hesitate to resell her or pass her on to a acquaintance.
There are no first-rate-words in my domain. I settle what my gimps can purchase. I Decide everything. In accepting my band, they absorb common that they are my valued property and that now the only manage they fill over our relationship is the force to leave. Once under my manage, getting down on all fours at my soles with a Look of implement subordination on their faces I constantly eye a peek of irresistable affection for my marionettes, particularly those who are willing to totally immerse themselves into my world and who deem only of pleasuring me and my every caprice.

The marionette neck harness is symbolic of a sub's subjugation. By accepting my inscribed band she is displaying her shriek willingness to obey me. It's also a demonstrable indication of her area in public situations, demonstrating that the gimp is currently 'possessed' - literally collared, and that l, her domme, must be approached before any contact is made with her. I especially devour sub collars that http://www.xvideos.com/?k=sierra+sinn lock and command that gimps wear them at all times when conforming me.
Whilst being collard the marionette should introduce herself in a manner that showcases her submissiveness and conformity. A getting down on all fours stance with head bowed and eyes cast down. I bask in to Take a girl as my leashed pet.
There is something utterly glamour about being http://babescasino.net/sex/nasty-rachel-video/ able to pull a head into the swiftly-witted stance to gusto you.

Symbols of Slavery
Contracted marionettes are hoped to wear some adornment or label on their figures identifying them as my property. Something they cannot eliminate. This symbol signifies a deep and serious commitment and I never undertake them easily. I retain marked marionettes with my initials or secret signs using brands or tats. I gain pierced groin and nips with rings. These circular rings are a particular favourite of mine as they both symbolise the '0' of conformity and are also useful for fastening silver initials or diminutive dog tags.
For marionettes where permanent adornments or markings are not possible there are ornaments that can be feeble, such as a midbody chain padlocked under clothes with a 'Property of' impress fastened or a bracelet, engraved with my initials, that once it is locked around her wrist it can not be eliminated. These tokens and marks can activity as solace for a sub when not in my presence as well as being a accurate and personal reminder for them of their dependable posture in life.

The marionette Contract
After an initial induction and teaching pms, victims that notably interest me are invited to label a contract of slavery, renouncing their actual of liberty and providing themselves loosely and without reservation into my ownership.
This also marks out the parameters of the sub's servitude - what is hoped, what is not, their duties and how they will be penalized for any infringements. It importantly provides me with total ownership and exercise of their figure and mind for the pms of thirty days. After this pms I will Decide whether to renew the gimp's contract. Serious infractions of the contract will result in severe penalties and in Amazing cases the smashing of the contract and the dismissal of the sub.
When I contain obvious to bewitch on a recent victim and get worked out a contract with her, I devour to arrange a ritual signing with other invited dominas. tt is principal to me that the freshly contracted marionette commits herself to complying me in front of a selected audience, the first-ever test of her achieve subjugation to me.

subs must beget a veritable commitment to me and permit me to implement exactly as I fantasy with them. For me, dominance is about taking over a sub's mind, their whole being. It is about using them, shoving them, tedious http://babescasino.net/sex/teenager-sex/ shaping and teaching them to prefer my will. eventually showing their enact loyalty to me.
To approach this aim, some difficulty is notable to serve the victim approach a indeed reliable station or stale in hiss to divulge or penalize.

The sub Bond
I contrivance 2 different categories of victims within my constant:
-The contracted gimp -A marionette who obeys me whilst she wears my neck harness but has also signed a contract becoming my gimp for the duration of an agreed menstruation of time. Her duties are laid out entirely within her contract with me.
- The marked marionette - A gimp who belongs entirely to me and has no manage over her life whatsoever. She is on call 24 hours a day and will endure any difficulty or abjection whenever or wherever I sate.

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